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This season The Mets Report will be teaming with to bring fans, and readers of The Mets Report free tickets to four games throughout the year. You must “Like” The Mets Report Facebook page and the Seatcrew Facebook page to be eligible to win free tickets. Details of each giveaway will be given several weeks prior to each game. Read on for the specific dates of each giveaway.

Seatcrew is the web’s only no fee ticket marketplace. The founders grew tired of the expensive, anonymous Stubhub model and decided to do something about it. The result is Seatcrew, where there are ZERO fees, where buyers and sellers are rated and reviewed by peers and fellow fans, and where tickets are listed by location helping fans avoid $25 overnight shipping charges and locate last minute tickets simply and locally. Plus, Seatcrew manages all of your listings and offers so you never again need to search your couch cushions for auto-generated email addresses.

Here are the particular days that the giveaways will take place:

On April 4th visit to win free tickets to see the Mets take on Cain, Lincecum, Sandoval and Posey in the “Thanks for Wheeler” Showdown on April 23, 2012.

On June 6th The Mets Report will look to give away Mets vs. Orioles tickets. Its inter-league play and the Fightin’ Showalters are in town for a game on June 20, 2012.

On July 27th, Mets Report and Seatcrew will reward one lucky fan with two free seats to Jose Reyes, Ozzie Guillen, Big Z, and Hanley Ramirez as the Marlins circus comes to town on August 9, 2012.

Finally, on August 30th, get ready as we give away seats to see the Nats and their prized young stable head into Citi Field to take on the playoff-clinched Mets on September 12, 2012.

Of course, make sure to visit MetsReport every day for all the breaking news and opinions to help supplement your steady diet of SNY. The best part? If you like the giveaways, we’ll arrange more.

Lets go Mets.

Contest rules may be changed at any time and winners are at the sole discretion of

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

5 thoughts on “Free Mets Tickets Sponsored by”

  1. THis is great. I’ve already purchased tickets with Seatcrew and saved a bunch. Happy to see they’re getting the word out.


  2. Sounds good! I just wonder how SeatCrew will stay afloat without charging ANY fees (a business needs money afterall!) Without guaranteeing the tickets being sold, it really isn’t the same thing as StubHub. I would rather pay 10% and know my seats are insured than save $10-$20 and take a chance. What do you think Dave? Thanks again for the great work…keep it up!


    1. Joey: This is a great comment. Let me do my best to address each point.

      First off, you’re right: at the moment since we don’t generate any income, we are operating at a loss. However, hosting the site is rather inexpensive and all of the work is done by the founders so no one is getting paid. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing our first revenue generation model whereby when fans search for seats for particular events, we’ll show them businesses in their location offering deals specific to Seatcrew users. Thus far, the response from our first partners has been positive and hopefully the income we derive will enable us to give away more tickets to fans like you!

      Second: The thing with Stubhub is that you never know. Here’s what we know. Stubhub’s inventory is ~ 95% from brokers. These brokers, in order to be a member of their respective trade association (considered indispensable by most) HAVE TO guarantee their tickets. Stubhub prevents you from identifying these sellers to KEEP the possibility of fraud alive.

      Seatcrew will show you the brokers (and allow them a space to talk about their business, their guarantees, and link to their websites). Unlike craigslist, we also show you what other people are saying about the individual users and allow you to communicate directly with them before transacting – another way to avoid those nasty CL bots designed to rip people off. So with Seatcrew not only will the SAME tickets be around 20% cheaper, but you’ll know upfront the reliability of the opposite party.

      In essence, the fan protect guarantee is Stubhub saying “there’s a chance you’ll be ripped off”. We think that in this age of internet openness, full transparency is the only TRUE way to minimize risk, so that’s our approach.

      If you’d like, we’d be happy to discuss our plans in greater detail over the phone. Just shoot us an email at

      And Dave, Joey is right – keep up the great work. Its truly a fantastic fan community that you’ve built here!


    2. Nice comment Joey and thanks for adding your thoughts here. I thought that it was best to let David from Seat Crew respond to your comment. He’s intimately familiar with their business as a founder. So I hope you find his reply helpful and give Seat Crew a chance the next time you’re buying tickets.


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