Mets Delaying David Wright Contract Extension

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CBS Sports is reporting that the Mets are delaying working on a contract extension for David Wright. I wrote that the Mets should offer Wright a contract to keep him with the team for the foreseeable future. But they’re choosing to wait because of Wright’s recent down seasons and some big contract extensions signed by comparable players recently that would increase the value of any contract Wright would sign

It’s a gamble for both parties to wait on an extension for Wright. If he plays well, it’s in Wright’s best interest to get to free agency and exercise his full market potential. But the Mets are at risk of losing Wright to a contract that they can’t, or won’t, match in free agency like Jose Reyes.

I think the Mets are crazy to gamble on Wright by waiting until he gets closer to free agency. The team has him under control through 2013 with an option year. But as he plays well, his motivation to sign an extension with the Mets will decrease. The team should really try to get something done on a long-term extension before the end of the 2012 season. They could even backload the deal and reduce the $16 million they’ll owe Wright next year in the option. It could give them some flexibility in the offseason while they wait out Jason Bay’s and Johan Santana’s contracts.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

3 thoughts on “Mets Delaying David Wright Contract Extension”

    1.  I wrote back on March 25th, before the season started, that the Mets should extend his contract. So I’m not overreacting to his start this season. I just think they’re nuts not to lock him up long-term. Maybe they’ll be able to trade Santana or Bay (or both) before the deadline this year (despite both having full no-trade clauses). Then they can reallocate some of the funds to Wright.


      1. Fair enough but the general topical reaction is to his quick start among the fanbase. I am not sure the Reyes and Wright scenarios are comparable due to outside factors, namely the shaky financial status prior to this March. The Mets control Wright at age 30 and 31 why rush into a silly extension with so many future unknowns. I think neither Bay or Santana are contracts the Mets will recoup anything off.


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