Mets Finally Make Citi Field Their Own

Shea Stadium / Citi Field
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Demolishing Shea Stadium and building Citi Field was certainly unwelcome for some Mets fans. It marked a changing of the guard for the franchise and maybe even a sense for some of us that we would be left behind in history as fans of the “old” Mets that played at the “old” stadium. But I have to admit that before this season, I was really looking forward to going to Citi Field.

The surprise set in when we realized that Citi Field wasn’t really about the Mets, it was all about the Brooklyn Dodgers and Jackie Robinson. Sure, Robinson is an individual worthy of all the recognition that he gets, and more than we know. But there was something glaring missing from the new stadium… The Mets history!!! In building this new $800 million project, the Mets forgot that the Mets were going to be playing there and that they’ve had some history of their own. Continue reading “Mets Finally Make Citi Field Their Own”

Audio: Heyman, Strawberry On Mets

Darryl StrawberrySI’s Jon Heyman joins Richard Neer on WFAN, subbing for Mike Francesa, to talk about MLB in general and the Johan Santana injury situation.

Heyman audio

Darryl Strawberry joins WFAN’s Boomer & Carton to talk about joining the Mets this week for spring training. He also talks about his book “Straw: Finding My Way”.

Strawberry audio

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Strawberry’s Book: Drugs, Sex, And The Mets

We all knew there were some shenanagans going on with the Mets of the ’80’s. But Darryl Strawberry’s new book won’t leave anything to the imagination anymore according to Page Six’ Richard Johnson.

There were a few years that we all thought the wild child Mets were out having a grea time while bashing their way to a World Series title in ’86 and LCS in ’88. But that romantic notion came to an end with positive drug tests and behavioral problems shortly thereafter.

Now we get to hear the stories straight from the horses mouth in Darryl’s new book. We’ll hear about gallons of beer, speed freaks, coke heads, and sex in the middle of games.

I think I liked the fantastical notion in my head better than the base reality of the book.

MLB Florida Marlins vs New York Mets

Video: Stawberry On State Of Mets

Darryl Strawberry is out doing his promotional tour today of the two Shea Stadium DVD sets that were released. He did this spot on ESPN’s First Take show to talk about the state of the 2008 Mets. He discusses Willie Randolph and the responsibility of the players to win games, and the intensity level of the teams that he played on in the 80’s.

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Straw Signing In Manhattan June 10

NEW YORK - AUGUST 19:  Darryl Strawberry a member of the 1986 New York Mets greets fans during a tribute to mark the  20th Anniversary of their World Series win, before the New York Mets played the Colorado Rockies at Shea Stadium August 19, 2006 in the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Darryl Strawberry

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Former Met and current SNY analyst Darryl Strawberry will be at the Rockefeller Center store tomorrow June 10th from 6:00pm-7:00pm for an autograph signing. He’ll be signing copies of “New York Mets: Essential Games of Shea Stadium” and “Shea Goodbye: 45 Years of Amazin'” DVD sets. The address is 559 5th Avenue.

Hopefully, he now understands the tax implications of an autograph signing after this judgment that was signed by a judge in February 2008.

Remember to enter the contest to win a free copy of the “New York Mets: Essentials Games of Shea Stadium” DVD set.

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Mets Come Back In Eighth For 3-2 Win

I thought this game was completely out of hand for the Mets through seven innings. Chad Billingsley was cruising. He only gave up four hits and three walks through seven. But he had thrown 109 pitches and Joe Torre decided to take him out of the game. And that was all that the Mets needed.

After doing nothing offensively for the first seven innings, the Mets came alive against Jonathan Broxton. David Wright doubled and Carlos Beltran hit a huge home run off the scoreboard in right. It was about half way up the board like one of the old Darryl Strawberry shots. Carlos Delgado then singled, and Nick Evans pinch ran for him. Again, Fernando Tatis came up with a big hit to score Evans. I can’t believe how clutch Tatis has been.

Mike Pelfrey had a decent game overall even though it was a rough start. The Dodgers scored one in the first and one in the fourth. His line ended up looking good though, two runs over seven innings is a nice start. He looked like he was taking something off the fastball to try to throw more strikes, at least initially. We’ll see if it was enough to keep him on the roster when Pedro Martinez comes off on Tuesday.

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