Audio: Heyman and Wilpon

Here are a some audio links for you with good information about the Mets off-season plans.

  • Jeff Wilpon joins WFAN’s Mike Francesa to talk about the second Mets collapse, Citi Field, and free agency from October 21
  • Jon Heyman from SI joins Francesa to talk about the World Series, Willie Randolph, and free agents from Oct. 21
  • Heyman again joins Francesa to talk about Jake Peavy, Mets, Yankees, etc. from Oct. 23
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Audio: Bobby V., Manuel, And Heyman

I’ve got some more audio links to help you get through what’s turned into a longer off-season than expected.

Jerry Manuel joins WFAN’s Mike Francesa and Eddie Coleman to talk about his contract to continue managing the Mets

Jon Heyman joins Francesa to talk Mets, Yankees and the post-season action

Bobby Valentine joins Steve Somers to talk US and Japanese baseball, and the Mets hiring of Jerry Manuel

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