Does Julio Franco deserve a roster spot?

Simply, yes he does.

Believe me, I’m not a big fan of Franco’s. I understand all of the negatives. Omar shouldn’t have given him a two year contract. He can only play first base, barely. He can’t pull the ball anymore. He has no power. I also know that we’re 17 years removed from his AL MVP. I know that his role as a mentor for younger players is overrated. I know, I know.

Julio Franco

The main reason that he should be on the team is that some members of the team would mutiny if he was cut. Also, Lastings Milledge told Mike and the Mad Dog during spring training this year that Franco is the go-to guy for advice. So he is fulfilling the role that Omar intended for him.

Whose roster spot is he taking anyway? Ben Johnson is better off at Triple-A getting some at-bats. He’s got a .236 career average with San Diego the last two years! We certainly don’t need another outfielder with Milledge, Chavez, and Newhan all having the ability to play the outfield. Hey, even Damion Easley could play the outfield in a pinch. Ben Johnson will probably be back if they send Milledge down to get some at-bats.

He does deserve to be here. Do I want to see Omar sign him again next year? No chance.

You can see a break down of the team roster posted today (3/31/07) at Sportsline:

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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