Paul LoDuca Sounds Off, Again

David Lennon of Newsday reports that Paul LoDuca is unhappy with his treatment by the Mets… after his contract ended!

When told that the Mets suggested that they couldn’t accommodate his demands for a three-year deal, Lo Duca flashed some temper.

“Are you kidding me with that?” Lo Duca said. “Seriously. There was never a phone call. The man [Omar Minaya] called my agent and said he was interested in me after they had signed [Yorvit] Torrealba. They had signed Torrealba an hour before that. I don’t want to throw stones and I don’t want to get mixed up in any of this stuff, but it’s ridiculous.That’s the bottom line.”

I am so glad that he’s not around this year for a variety of reasons. His off-field behavior was questionable at best.  The story of his teenage girlfriend that went public was a distraction.

Frankly, his play on the field wasn’t that great. His mouth was bigger than his bat. Last season he hit .272 with 9 HR and 54 RBI.  The Mets won’t miss him at all. How can a player that’s not even under contract anymore be upset about how he’s being treated? Stop you’re whining Paul, and enjoy your one year deal with the Nats.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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