End For Delgado Looks Near

Carlos Delgado has been demoted in the batting order. Now he’s been benched, at least for one night. It’s become a situation that will happen with greater frequency in the near future. New York’s high-paid former star first baseman sitting on the bench. He’s become the deserving target of boo’s from New York Mets fans both at home and on the road. The Mets fans have been traveling well this season so Carlos gets to hear boo’s wherever he goes.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote a good column today talking about how we know this is going to end soon. It’s likely that the Mets will have to release Delgado before his sub-par play ruins the 2008 season for the rest of the team.

Sherman also introduces an interesting concept, that of Delgado’s contract providing protection for him. The Mets owe him so much money that they have to tolerate more than a year of putrid on-field performance.

I’d like to introduce a concept of my own. The concept that Delgado has made $118, 299,000 in his career before to the 2008 season began. He’s already made more money than he and his family and many future generations of his family will ever need. He’s just not motivated or “hungry” to get back to a high level of play before he made the money. That’s what it comes down to in my mind. If he hadn’t made all that money he’d still be motivated to get his game together to earn a big contract.

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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