Mets Drop Second Game To Reds 7-1

As usual, the double header was split between the Mets and Reds today. That’s exactly the reason that the Mets tried to get the game in despite the rain last night. Double headers are almost always split.

The good news in this game is that Mike Pelfrey pitched really well and kept the Mets in the game through six innings giving up only two runs. That’s something for Pelfrey to build upon.

The bad news was that the Mets only got four hits in the game. Bronson Arroyo was on tonight even though he’s had a terrible season. He’s had a few starts that were fair this season, but this was by far his best game yet. There’s not much that you can do when a pitcher is on like that.

Duaner Sanchez and Billy Wagner didn’t have it tonight. Wagner was hurt by some poor fielding though.

The Mets absolutely must win the rubber game tomorrow. They cannot lose a home series to the Reds. That would be a terrible sign if they did.

Box score

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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