Mets Trade Deadline News

Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Xavier Nady during a Pirates/Minnesota Twins spring training game at McKechnie Field in Bradenton, Florida.

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Steve Hensen of Yahoo Sports wrote a column today predicting which teams will be buyers and which will be sellers.  He lists the Mets as buyers with this quote:

Every new manager should get a new toy, and Jerry Manuel would like a relief pitcher, a corner outfielder and a player who actually cares.

Ouch, but hard to argue with.  It couldn’t take that much to get Xavier Nady back from the Pirates.  Having a right handed hitting 1B/OF would be too perfect for this team.

Tim Brown, also at Yahoo Sports, says that the Mets are prepared to make a run at the Colorado Rockies Matt Holliday:

The Mets, for another, have run their horrendous September into 2½ more lethargic months, thus bearing the look of an organization on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Their offense is slightly more average than their pitching. And Moises Alou will hit for as long as his body will carry him, which, so far this season, has amounted to 49 at-bats. They spent a good amount of their farm system on Johan Santana, but team officials believe they could still make a play for Holliday, the 2007 MVP runner-up whose career splits skew so dramatically to Coors Field.

That’s too aggressive a move for my liking.  Holliday is a nice player with a big bat from the right side, but he’s a one and a half year rental.  The Rockies will want multiple top prospects for him.  I’m sure they’ll want Fernando Martinez, John Maine, plus another players that’s under their control for several years. The price will be way too high for Holliday.

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Author: Dave Doyle

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