Mariners Crush Mets 11-0

The big news of the night was that Carlos Beltran and Jerry Manuel were both ejected from the game in the fourth inning for arguing balls and strikes. But umpire Brian Runge is the one that really started it. Beltran said something under his breath about a strike call, and Runge basically got in his face. Manuel came out to defend Beltran and both were tossed.

As for the game itself, Oliver Perez was putrid allowing six runs (five earned) on seven hits (three home runs) and one walk. Apparently, new pitching coach Dan Warthen hasn’t been able to have an immediate positive impact on Perez. He looks the same as he has for most of this season… bad.

The only Mets hint of offense came from Brian Schneider and Fernando Tatis. They both went 3 for 4 in the game. The most difficult thing to believe about that is they were facing a knuckleballer, R.A. Dickey who’s been in and out of the minors.

It was probably the worst game of a disappointing season. Now the Mets have to try to avoid a sweep at home from the worst team in baseball tomorrow night. That’s ugly.

Box score

Video Highlights

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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