Maine, Mets Flat In Loss To Cards 7-1




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John Maine didn’t have it tonight and the defense behind him didn’t help. The Mets played poorly in every facet of the game including the continuing saga of trying to find some offensive punch on a consistent basis.

Maine pitched only four innings giving up five runs (three earned) on seven hits and three walks. He was in trouble from the first batter of the game when he walked Cardinals leadoff hitter Skip Schumaker.

Maine also had a throwing error on a pickoff play. Luis Castillo had a ball go right through the wickets and David Wright had a throwing error on a hit down the line that he never should have attempted to throw.

Endy Chavez was the only Met with multiple hits tonight. The only Mets run scored when Andy Phillips scored on a throwing error by Rick Ankiel over throwing third base and Kyle Lohse didn’t back up the play.


Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

4 thoughts on “Maine, Mets Flat In Loss To Cards 7-1”

  1. You know when the SNY crew starts taking phone calls during a game broadcast that things aren’t going well. It’s gotten so bad that the broadcast team can’t even kill time during blowouts on their own anymore.


  2. I heard an interesting interview with Dan Warthen over the weekend where he mentioned that the starters would be throwing more pitches that are in their repertoire. During the post game last night, I think it was Darling that mentioned that John Maine’s problems began when he started throwing the curve, something he has avoided all season.


  3. I read that Maine said he was feeling a dead arm before the game started. During the game he felt like he had nothing on his pitches. I like that Warthen is letting the pitchers do their own thing. Peterson wanted them all to pitch exactly the same way, which is ridiculous. Plus Warthen didn’t recommend trading Scott Kazmir. So I like him better already.


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