Mets 2B Castillo Plays Rehab Game

Luis Castillo started playing rehab games in Port St. Lucie preparing to come back from the disabled list. He’s been on the DL since July 3rd with a strained left hip flexor. The word is that he could be ready to return to the Mets next week.

IMG_0114 This is going to be a particularly hot topic when he comes back because undoubtedly he’ll replace Argenis Reyes on the roster. A. Reyes has been playing really well in Castillo’s absence as has Damion Easley. Frankly, it seems like the Mets have improved at second base since Castillo went on the DL.

My sense is that Argenis has become somewhat of a fan favorite during his tenure on the roster. He’s been friends with Jose Reyes since they were kids and he seems to have a real knack for situational hitting.

Easley’s been nothing short of terrific as well. He’s making great plays in the field and hitting with power. Castillo may have a dog fight on his hands to get playing time at second base when he gets back. The thing is he’s making $6 million this year and the Mets want to get their moneys worth out of him.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

One thought on “Mets 2B Castillo Plays Rehab Game”

  1. Lets not forget that Johan Santana was livid when the Twins traded Castillo away last they are countrymen.It should not matter, but it might. It quite possibly had on effect on his less than stellar second half last season. So consider that along with the money,


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