Lupica- Beltran Is New York’s Biggest Offensive Disappointment

I have to say that I really don’t understand the fans and media that don’t like Carlos Beltran. What’s there not to like about the guy? What I hear is that he’s not a $100 million player, he’s not fiery or aggressive enough, and he’s not a New York guy.

I think Beltran is an excellent player and well worth the $119 million. The Mets knew exactly what they were getting when they signed him in 2005. Believe me, they researched him well. Even this season when there’s so much talk about getting Beltran going offensively, he’s really not far off his career average numbers.

Look at his 2008 season versus his career 162 game averages:

2008: .265/ .363/ .454 117 OPS+ 15 HR 73 RBI 16 SB

Career: .279/ .355/ .493 116 OPS+ 28 HR 107 RBI 30 SB

image It’s only the beginning of August and he’s not far off his career averages. He plays an excellent center field, always plays hard, has a good arm, and by all accounts he’s a good teammate and a good person. What’s there not to like about him?

I don’t get the backlash against him from the likes of WFAN’s Joe Benigno, who’s never been known to make the most intellectual of arguments, or today’s Daily News column by Mike Lupica. Comparing Beltran to Derek Jeter, hitting 33 points below his lifetime average is ridiculous. Jeter is the second best shortstop on his own team, is having a down offensive season, and has no range in the field.

In my mind, there’s no comparison. And Beltran isn’t a disappointment for the Mets.

Flickr photo courtesy of alpineinc

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Lupica- Beltran Is New York’s Biggest Offensive Disappointment”

  1. Beltan has been a disappointment this year. I have this perception, probably unrightfully so, that he is a garbage time player, accumulating stats when the game is out of hand. Still a great fielder.

    His 2 strike swing drives me insane too. It looks like he hasn’t swung a bat before. I cringe whenever I see him up with runners on in a clutch spot.


  2. Further on the Beltran thing. He embodies ‘non clutch’. With 2 outs and runners in scoring position, the guy is batting under .200. It’s something like .150 since May. There are some pitchers that I would rather have up at the plate with men on base.

    Again ,not taking anything away from his fielding, just his offensive performance this season.

    Let’s hope he can turn around his season and put up some numbers.


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