Mets Suffer Humiliating Loss To Pirates 7-5

The Mets wasted a good start by Pedro Martinez against one of baseball’s worst teams. In a season that’s been filled with heart-wrenching losses for Mets fans, this one ranks near the top of the list.

Pedro went six innings giving up only one run on 3 hits and 4 walks. The Mets had a 5-1 lead on homers by David Wright and Robinson Cancel.

Enter the Mets bullpen in the seventh. The usual suspects were bombed again: Joe Smith and Pedro Feliciano. Duaner Sanchez finished the seventh inning and worked a clean eighth. Aaron Heilman came into the game in the ninth to preserve the win and got lit up again for three runs on two hits and a walk. Scott Schoenweiss actually gave up the winning hit light-hitting outfielder Steve Pearce.

What a stunning loss! It’s hard to take much more of this.

Box score

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

3 thoughts on “Mets Suffer Humiliating Loss To Pirates 7-5”

  1. I was out at Shea today and sat through what in my opinion was the low point in terms of performance by a bullpen that cannot get much worse then it already is.I sat near a few Pirate fans who themselves were stunned at how woefully inadequate this bullpen is. am almost amused at how pathetic they are, a team that had Dougie Man&^%$#cz hitting third was able to score six runs in 3 innings against it. As I got outside there was no chatter between fans. The silence was deafening.
    I am prepared to say now, that with this bullpen,as it is constructed, even with Billy Wagner the Mets cannot possibly make the playoffs.


  2. Robin, I’m sorry you had to suffer through the end of that game today. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Is there an Extreme Makeover for bullpens? The Mets need that. Even with Wagner there are just too many underperforming parts. Feliciano, Schoenweiss, Heilman, Smith, Muniz, Sanchez. You can’t trust any of them right now. This season has had too many stunning losses like this. Minaya needs to make a waiver deal to get one or more solid relievers in here, pronto.


  3. I agree Dave, as much as I would like to back up the truck and move them out, it cannot seriously be done this season. Here is some more misery for me, in February I bought 6 tickets each for the saturday and sunday games at PNC park this weekend for the family. I was thinking how great it would be to see Mets in another town, now I am thinking of leaving my Mets shirts , hats, etc, home. I have some pix of the game yesterday I will post when my disgusted chip can find a workaround 🙂


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