4 thoughts on “Video- ESPN On Mets Bullpen Problems”

  1. I don’t know if it makes me any happier to see that ESPN finally realizes the haplessness we have had to endure since the 2006 playoffs from that bullpen. Yesterdays game was as PO’d as I will allow myself to get for the rest of this year, apathy is next on the list.


  2. remember when you were a kid and you played “eeny meany miny mo”? that is how I would pick who to send it out, seriously, it will probably be Stokes or Smith. As we know, baseball is a business and despite others deserving it as much they probably do not have options on them.


  3. PS Ollie has been close to great as a starter since Maestro Rick was given his walking papers. Outside of Santana , one could argue that he has been the second most reliable pitcher. It won’t be Ollie


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