Billy Wagner Still Hurt; Return Unknown

The Mets got the news that Billy Wagner still has pain and swelling in his left elbow after being examined in New York. His return is unknown and there’s early speculation that he may not be back this season at all.

Wagner’s had a checkered record this season but he’s the only legitimate closer on the team. There isn’t a back up eighth inning guy that can walk in and take his place.

This could be a huge blow to the Mets playoff hopes if he can’t come back this season. Omar Minaya needs to work the phones for a waiver deal to see if he can work a team that’s out of contention for a legitimate closer.

The Mets did make a deal with Washington last week for Luis Ayala but he’s not the solution to this problem. Ambirorix Burgos is working his way back from Tommy John surgery and may be able to get on the roster by the end of August or September. But who knows what we’ll get out of him this season?

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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