Mets Rip Phillies Lidge For Big 6-3 Win

The Mets came away with a huge win tonight in Philly on an eighth inning rally off Rudy Saenz and Brad Lidge. What a game!

Carlos Delgado hit two solo homers and went 3 for 4 with 3 RBI’s in the game. Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran both had three hit games tonight too.

Johan Santana barely had a quality start going six innings and giving up three runs, all of them scored on two home runs.

These teams are really going at it like it’s October already. You gotta love that. The Mets and Phillies has turned into one of the best rivalries in baseball.

Box score

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

4 thoughts on “Mets Rip Phillies Lidge For Big 6-3 Win”

  1. Dave,
    I’m honestly glad you’re getting to enjoy some good baseball right now. We in Bravesland… are not.

    I still think Mets and Braves is the best NL East matchup but we’ve hardly been much of a rival this year. Kinda glad to see a tooth and nail fight to the finish for Mets and Phils.



  2. I’m amazed at how many ugly losses this team has had only to rebound with a hard fought win the following night. I can count at least 10 bad losses where I thought it would cause a tail spin for the rest of the season.

    Dave, what are your impressions of Delgado now? Was his twin brother Ozzie filling in for him earlier in the season! What gives?


  3. JB, I’m with you on having a tight finish to end the season. It really is exciting in September.
    TD and Robin, don’t forget how many devastating losses there were under Willie only to send the team into a week long slide. The “new” ability to rebound from rough losses is characteristic to the Mets under Manuel. And on the subject of Delgado, I heard Mike Francesa say that he thought Delgado intentionally dogged it under Willie because he didn’t like him. I didn’t believe that at the time. But the more I see Delgado ripping line drives to all fields, it makes me think that there may be something to Francesa’s theory.


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