Carlos Delgado Is Not The NL MVP

To the surprise of everyone that watched Mets baseball in April, May, and June of this season Carlos Delgado has worked his way into the conversation for National League Most Valuable Player. Sure, he’s hit some monsterous home runs. And he’s even carried the Mets at times since the All-Star break. But he’s no MVP.

Delgado has turned in a line that’s more than respectable at .264| 34 HR | 104 RBI. If the Mets continue on their current path to the playoffs he’ll certainly be in the MVP discussion. But look at what Mr. Consistency Albert Pujols has done at .360| 33 HR| 99 RBI for a team that’s nine games out of their division lead. There’s no comparison in my mind.

Ryan Braun of the Brew Crew may be the MVP if the Brewers make the playoffs. I think he’ll have several MVP’s in his trophy case by the time his career is over.

Carlos Delgado can’t sleep walk through three months of the season and be the MVP. You just can’t make up for that type of ineffective performance over such a large portion of the season. Read Fox Sports Dayn Perry’s column arguing that Delgado isn’t even the most valuable Mets player. He’s got it right.

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

3 thoughts on “Carlos Delgado Is Not The NL MVP”

  1. Pujols, based on his stats, should get the MVP.
    Stats are often overlooked though. Case in point, 1995 Barry Larkin won the award and I strongly felt that year there were many other players that were more deserving. Heck, I felt Reggie Sanders had a better year than Larkin in ’95. And Dante Bichette had huge numbers. Coors Field was his downfall.

    And some times stats are used too much. Andre Dawson had a sick year in 1987 and was definitely deserving of the MVP. However the Cubs were a putrid team. They were going to be in last place if he was there or not. Was he deserving for a last place team?

    I think the argument the mvp should be for a player that does it all year and his team makes the playoffs. If the Cards don’t make it, Pujols doesn’t get it. It may be unfair, but that’s why there are Player of the Year awards that should hold as much meaning as the MVP.


  2. TD, Great comment. We’ll see how big of a role it plays to be on a winning team. I did read that David Lennon of the Daily News did an informal poll of some out of town writers and Delgado is in the discussion for MVP but far from a lock.

    I think Pujols season is so far above and beyond what Delgado’s done it’s no contest. I admit to being biased against Delgado though. I’ve never liked his game and I do think he quit on Willie Randolph.


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