Mets Fans Face Uncertainties Without Wagner

Coming off two games against the Braves in which the bullpen blew a late lead, Mets fans are realizing just how fragile our post-season hopes are. If the Mets can’t find a solution for the problems at the back of the bullpen we very well may end up watching another September division lead disappear before our eyes.

Billy Wagner wasn’t perfect this season, having blown seven saves before his season ended on August 3rd, but he sure would be a sight for sore eyes now. The Luis Ayala/closer by committee situation that we’re suffering through now is about as disturbing to watch as Jose Lima or Brian Lawrence starting a game.

At this late stage of the season there aren’t many options. There isn’t a guy in the bullpen that I trust to get three outs consistently. And I do think the Mets gave up on Eddie Kunz this season a little too early. He may have been able to make a contribution in September.

So we’re stuck in a closer-less purgatory and left to cross our fingers and toes every time it’s a late and close situation. I can’t even call the Mets the cardiac kids because that would imply they’re coming back for some late wins. I would say buckle your seat belts because the last two weeks of the season are going to be a wild ride.

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Mets Fans Face Uncertainties Without Wagner”

  1. I really can’t figure out why the Brew Crew would can Yost with only two weeks left. It’ll either go down as the best move ever or the stupidest managerial firing in history. No in between in that move.


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