Mets Go Quietly In 6-1 Loss To Marlins

The Mets had no offense in tonight’s crucial loss that may put them out of the playoffs. They had seven hits and nine men left on base. The one run they scored was on a fielders choice by Brian Schneider in the sixth. They just looked flat as a board and couldn’t have picked a worse time to lay an egg.

Mike Pelfrey appears to be running out of gas at the end of this long season. And the Marlins have had his number all season. As usual, the bullpen gave up three runs over the final three innings to make sure that the Mets would need a monstrous comeback to get back into the game. The capper was Aaron Heilman giving up a bases loaded walk in the seventh on a pitch in the dirt. That was very symbolic of his season.

The Phillies won tonight and the Brewers are on their way to a win over the Cubs. That leaves the Mets out of playoff position tonight.

Box score

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

5 thoughts on “Mets Go Quietly In 6-1 Loss To Marlins”

  1. Dave, at least it’s still relevant baseball.
    You will get to watch the Marlins play with a lot of fire and heart. And you’ll see Santana put up a gutsy performance. I think it’s about 40-60 right now that you’ll see the rest of the Met’s show up with any mettle.


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