Perez, Easley, And Wise File For Free Agency

NEW YORK - MAY 16:  Damion Easley #3 and Jose ...
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On the first day that players are eligible to file for free agency Oliver Perez, Damion Easley, and Matt Wise all filed. The period runs through November 13th for players to file with the league.

No surprises here. But Perez is probably the only player that the Mets have targeted to talk about another contract. Easley spent too much time suffering from injuries this season. He fought through it like a trooper but couldn’t make a serious impact on the team.

Matt Wise was a complete bust. He hurt his forearm in April and spent the rest of the season trying to recover while on the disabled list.

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Perez, Easley, And Wise File For Free Agency”

  1. For Ollie I think it’s realistic to look for 5-years/$55 million. That’s the same contract that Gil Meche and Ted Lilly got two years ago. Burnett is probably going to want more than that. He’s got a more consistent track record than Ollie does.


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