NYT: Mets Prospect Josh Thole

I love the work that Ben Shipgel does for the New York Times. This week he’s been covering the Mets from Port St. Lucie and doing a tremendous job of it. I particularly like a profile that he wrote for yesterday’s NYT on Mets catching prospect Josh Thole.

Thole is the most advanced catching prospect that the Mets have right now. His development is ahead of 19 year-old fast track catcher Francisco Peña. Both of these guys could be moving up quickly when Brian Schneider and Ramon Castro (presumably) leave the Mets in free agency after this season. I really don’t see the Mets making a play to bring either back unless it’s for a one-year contract. There have been plenty of rumors that the Mets were trying to unload Ramon Castro during the offseason unsuccessfully.

So we can plan on seeing some new blood behind the plate next season. I know that 2009 hasn’t even started yet. But it’s always good to see what kind of talent that the Mets have in the pipeline.

Give this column from Shipgel a read at the NY Times site.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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