Daily Mets News: Green, Maine, Martinez, And More

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The big news today is that the Mets are playing their first spring training game against the Orioles in Fort Lauderdale. Sean Green was hurt pitching in the first inning. The early word is that he split a finger nail on his pitching hand.

Onto the news of the day:

  • John Harper wrote a nice piece on Fernando Martinez for the Daily News. It’s a good summary of how the 20-year old prospect is doing offensively. And he may be in the big leagues at some point this season.
  • John Maine pitched two scoreless innings yesterday. It was the first game that he’s pitched in since last August 23rd. You’ll remember that he had a bone spur on his pitching shoulder that required surgery.
  • Joel Sherman of the NY Post writes a column about the Mets releasing or trading Duaner Sanchez by April 1st. He suggests that Sanchez may not find a spot on the major league roster for the Mets.
  • Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports writes about the 12 major league managers that don’t have contracts that are guaranteed beyond this season
  • Drew Silva at MLB Trade Rumors writes about the Phillies’ payroll at $132.5 million is the highest in franchise history.
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Author: Dave Doyle

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