Mets WBC Returns: Wright, Putz, And K-Rod

David WrightThe World Baseball Classic has mercifully come to an end for the United States team at the hands of the Japanese team. The U.S. suffered a 9-4 loss last night at Dodgers Stadium. So we can finally get the whole team together for the Mets spring training.

The Mets are expecting Francisco Rodriguez, David Wright, and J.J. Putz back to the team to resume preparing for the 2009 season. The farce of a tournament is over. We don’t have to suffer through anymore 4-out saves for K-Rod or broken toe nails for David Wright.

Although the players got a few games played in for the tournament, it certainly wasn’t the same as playing five or six games a week in preperation for the season. There were a lot of days off between games as Chipper Jones complained about publicly to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Mets have serious business ahead of them this season. Specifically, they need to redeem themselves for two late season collapses in a row. Playing in a silly exhibition tournament was poorly timed for Mets players that need to get ready for a fast start this year. There’s no room for error.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Mets WBC Returns: Wright, Putz, And K-Rod”

  1. It’s good to have everyone back… Also, say goodbye to Freddie Garcia… Hopefully he gets healthy and can help out later in the season if needed…

    I am not exctied about Livan in the rotation, but I can say he eats innings and he never puts the game out of reach… the team just needs to bring the lumber when he is pitching…


    1. Good point about Hernandez. They’ll need to be prepared to score 5+ every time Hernandez starts a game. The good news is that he’ll typically go up against the other team’s fifth starter.


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