Mets Edge Reds 9-7 April 8, 2009

PHOENIX, AZ - May 6:  Mike Pelfrey #34 of the ...
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Mike Pelfrey started the game terribly throwing 44 pitches in the first inning, laboring to find the strike zone. It didn’t help that Angel Hernandez was behind the plate tonight either. The Reds put up four runs in the first, notably on a 3-run homer by Joey Votto, the young Reds first baseman.

The Mets got two runs in the first inning as well on a 2-run shot by Carlos Delgado. The Mets offensive hero of the night was Delgado who had four RBI’s on the night.

Pelfrey only last five innings which turned out to be just enough to get the win. The bullpen stumbled a bit as well. Bobby Parnell gave up two walks but no runs in his inning of work. Pedro Feliciano got hit in the seventh, giving up two runs in .2 innings. Even J.J. Putz gave up a run in the eighth. And Francisco Rodriguez reminded me of last season’s bullpen disasters by loading the bases in the ninth inning on two walks and a questionable error on Delgado. Fortunately, he got out of the inning unscathed which was a nice change from last season.

The Mets go to 2-0 on the season and get things going early tomorrow with a 12:35 pm game time.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

3 thoughts on “Mets Edge Reds 9-7 April 8, 2009”

  1. Wow… I think that is all I can say about the game…

    Every player is playing very well right now, but the 9th inning was a rollercoaster of a ride again, bringing back memories of Heilman and Wagner…

    K-Rod needs to realize that the Mets fans have very weak hearts when it comes to the late innings…


  2. After watching Castillo take 6 straight pitches without an attempt to swing the bat with a runner on second base yesterday, I was almost ready to kick my TV screen in, If you are you are going to be a spectator at a baseball game, at least get ripped off for ticket prices like the rest of us have to do Luis.


    1. I don’t think Jerry Manuel is impressed with Luis Castillo either. He pulled him for Alex Cora last night after Cora started against the Reds. I have the feeling that we’re going to be seeing a lot of Cora this season.


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