Citi Field Celebrates Jackie Robinson

Photo courtesy of Library of Congress
Photo courtesy of Library of Congress

The Mets and Citi Field will host the celebration of 62 years since Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier of baseball. The Citi Field Jackie Robinson Rotunda will be officially dedicated tonight. I’ve been critical of the Mets creating Citi Field as a celebration of New York’s baseball history but forgetting about the Mets. But it is nice on Jackie Robinson Day to have Citi Field be the center of the baseball world, at least for a day.

In the past few seasons, commissioner Bud Selig allowed players to wear Jackie’s number 42 that was universally retired in 1997. Some players wore it, and even some complete teams even wore the number. But today all teams will wear number 42.

I could go on about what Robinson did for baseball and the United States. But the real story is that the game that all of us love so much wouldn’t be anything like it is today if it wasn’t for Robinson. Now we have the chance to watch the best players in the world, not just the best white players. We’re all benefitting from what Robinson did.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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