Mets Executives In Atlanta To Discuss Oliver Perez

Omar MinayaSeveral of the Mets beat reporters are writing today that Mets GM Omar Minaya and COO Jeff Wilpon are on their way to Atlanta today. The purpose is to discuss the ongoing Oliver Perez saga. Presumably, they’re going to try to convince him, and his agent Scott Boras, that it’s in everyone’s best interest for him to accept a demotion to Triple-A Buffalo.

I get nervous whenever Jeff Wilpon sticks his nose into something. Remember, Jeff is the one responsible for Kaz Matsui and the much-maligned Citi Field. The Wilpons are the ones that forgot that the Mets play at Citi Field, not the Dodgers, and that fans would actually like to see the whole field from their seats.

Perez has the right to refuse an assignment to the minors. That’s his right under the Collective Bargaining Agreement as a player with more than five years of MLB experience. Jeff Wilpon’s involvement certainly doesn’t inspire confidence that this situation will be resolved properly.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

6 thoughts on “Mets Executives In Atlanta To Discuss Oliver Perez”

  1. Ollie will end up on the DL now that he has been quoted as saying he’s been playing through an injury.

    And to add to the drama, I wonder if his leg injury occurred during the WBC?


  2. If Oliver Perez ends up on the DL, I’ll have plenty to say about that. There’s no way he should be on the DL. Perez should file a grievance with the union if they do that to him.


  3. Dave, When I see Omar Minayac and the Coupons putting heads together I shudder. They are more like the 3 stooges which means I should be laughing, but I am not laughing, however the Ollie horror show is in a runaway loop for us fans. He is expensive, and he surely won’t go to the minors willingly. I still believe Church will be traded for anything that resembles a starting pitcher soon.I cannot believe the Coupons werent livid when the pride of Corona basically called his team Mr.Softee. I repeat my prediction that clueless Dan Warthen will be scapegoat # 1. followed by HoJo. Of course a 10 game winning streak means that this post will self destruct in 20 seconds 🙂


    1. TD, if they run the “Ollie has been hurt all along” line it will make them look more incompetent than they already appear to be,I also wonder what happened to the rock that Ollie had in his delivery last season? that seems to have disappeared inexpicably, he pitched his best when began doing that, I cant imagine why he would stop.


      1. I had forgotten about the Ollie Rock. That seemed to be pretty effective. Just read that he’s now in the bullpen, Takahashi will take his next start.
        Let’s hope he can figure it out soon and get ‘healthy’.


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