Mets To Start Niese; Perez To DL

jon-nieseThe Mets finally found a way to get Oliver Perez off the 25-man roster. He had an MRI yesterday and was diagnosed with tendinitis in his right knee. Tendinitis can be varying in its severtity, so I wonder how bad it really is. But the Mets got their wish, Perez can go to the disabled list and then make some rehab starts in Florida to figure out his pitching problems.

Jonathan Niese is being called up from Triple-A Buffalo to start Friday night against the Pirates. Niese hasn’t been very good at Buffalo this season going 0-2 with a 6.55 ERA in 5 starts. I haven’t seen the big league potential in Niese that others have but I hope he can have more success against the resurgent Pirates than he’s had in the minors this season.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Mets To Start Niese; Perez To DL”

  1. Most K’s in the NL:

    1. Javier Vazquez – 57
    2. Johan Santana – 54
    3. Jake Peavy – 52
    4. Dan Haren – 51
    5. Tim Lincecum – 50

    Nobody else has 50 or more.

    Highest K/9 minimum 20 IP in the NL (IP in ()’s):

    1. Johan Santana – 12.25 (39 and 2/3)
    2. Tim Lincecum – 11.74 (38 and 1/3)
    3. Rich Harden – 11.65 (31 and 2/3)
    4. Javier Vazquez – 11.07 (46 and 1/3)
    5. Jake Peavy – 10.10 (46 and 1/3)

    Nobody else has a K/9 of 10 or higher.


    1. I have to admit that I’m surprised that Vazquez has pitched as well as he has. I thought that he was going to be a mid-rotation starter at best for the Braves when they signed him.


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