Audio: Mets Post Game May 18, 2009

wfan1I had to post some of the post game audio clips from last night’s hideous loss in Los Angeles. I would add more but I’m still speechless nine hours after the game ended in defeat.

Jerry Manuel audio

Ryan Church audio

Jeremy Reed audio

Carlos Beltran audio

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

One thought on “Audio: Mets Post Game May 18, 2009”

  1. That game last night left me speechless. To repeat here I tweeted earlier today to Jon Heyman who tweeted back in agreement, Ryan Church (who I am on record of having no use for) was born to be Washington National or if they were still in existence a Washington Senator. I read where Manuel in his post game interviews called Church as “that guy” not a good way to be described by anybodies manager in any business.
    It also seems that whenever there is a fly ball near centerfield Beltran seems to get spooked a little if anyone is near him, whether it be an infielder or a fellow outfielder. My feeling is the Cameron collision is still in his mind somewhere, and I can understand it to a point. I also know that in MLB you cannot let what happened before linger in your mind. Lets hope this game was a glitch.


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