Dodgers 5 – Mets 3 May 19, 2009

John Maine was having a good start but Jerry Manuel left him in the game for one batter too many. Casey Blake hit a three run homer in the sixth to send the Mets to their third straight loss.

It looked like it was going to be another disasterous night when Daniel Murphy singled in the first inning and attempted a steal before Chad Billingsley even moved. Murphy was easily picked off by Billingsley in a bizzare play. In the bottom of the first Murphy muffed a fly ball hit right to him in left field by Juan Pierre. And Pierre would come around to score on a single by Orlando Hudson.

There just wasn’t much offense by the Mets garnering only 6 hits tonight. The Mets and Dodgers finish their series in Los Angeles tomorrow night.


Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

6 thoughts on “Dodgers 5 – Mets 3 May 19, 2009”

  1. I just dont know what to say about this team right now… Yes I know they are hurting without Delgado and Reyes is not at 100%, but this is unacceptable…

    They are the 3rd WORST fielding team in baseball, behind the nats and the mariners… this can not continue if they want to win…

    If I were Omar there would be some changes being made ASAP!!


    1. I thought that Jerry Manuel was going to bring discipline and smart baseball to this team. That’s what he talked about all spring. They’ve been kicking the ball all over the field.


      1. This is a joke… These guys are getting payed a lot of money to kick the ball around the field… Hell pay me league minimum and I could do the same!!!

        I say we sell Beltran and his $18 mil/yr salary and replenish our farm system…


  2. Dave, I now agree with you 100% on the Daniel Murphy left field project.
    The Met’s should have Martinez batting 9th in the order. He’s an easier out than Maine!


    1. The issue of Murphy not being a major league outfielder is even more exposed with a player like Angel Pagan joining the roster. Murphy is a one trick pony that hits for average but can’t do anything else. Pagan is a much more versatile player that can actually field his position.


      1. Dave I agree 110%

        I am a huge Pagan fan… He hits for average and a little power… he can play the field and he hustles… He needs to get some playing time.

        I havent been a fan of Murphy EVER!! I dont even like his swing, he cant play the outfield, and he has no personality!!


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