Mets Trade Church To Braves For Francoeur

Flickr photo courtesy of Keith Allison
Flickr photo courtesy of Keith Allison

We have the announcement of a trade this afternoon with the Mets sending Ryan Church to Atlanta for Jeff Francoeur and cash. It’s basically a swap of under-performing right fielders. Despite Jerry Manuel’s denials, I think we all knew that Church was in his dog house.

We all know Francoeur, we’ve seen him a million times with Atlanta. He’s got a huge arm in the outfield and decent range. He strikes out a LOT and last season was a nightmare for him and he hasn’t been able to turn it around this season either. He’s 25 years-old and in his fifth big league season. He’s making $3.375 million compared to Church’s $2.8 million. That’s why the Mets are getting cash back.

It sounds like a fair deal to me. It won’t change the fortunes of either team in any big way this season or beyond. Both players weren’t meeting expectations, so maybe a new start will work out for them.

Church never seemed like the same player after he suffered a concussion in Atlanta last May. Until then, he was the most valuable player on the Mets. Then the Mets botched his medical situation and flew him around the country with a concussion. He ended up on the disabled list and has never been the same. I like Church as a player but don’t think he’ll ever have much success hitting lefty pitching.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t give us any indication of the direction that Omar Minaya is taking at the trading deadline either. This move doesn’t really improve the team other than adding a right handed bat to a lefty-heavy lineup.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

8 thoughts on “Mets Trade Church To Braves For Francoeur”

  1. The classic example change of scenery trade. I am glad to see Church go. Francouer must have really pissed Bobby Cox off, and that leaves me pause.


  2. I’m very happy with the deal. Francoeur didn’t piss Bobby Cox off. He pissed off just about every other person in the city of Atlanta, but not Bobby Cox. No, no. Frank Wren he certainly pissed off. His teammates, the fans (like me), the journalists, etc.. But Bobby was always behind him. If you want to know how Braves fans felt about Francoeur, read this:

    Seems like a fair trade, though. Will be good for them to change scenes.


  3. I think so. Francoeur needed a change of scenery, really. Plus Jerry Manuel is good with plate discipline so that’ll help him. I think the biggest thing for him is to get on a conditioning program dedicated to getting him into better “baseball shape”. He’s currently more fit to play football.


    1. !PW. Wow is all I can say. seems we traded one bag of trash for a different bag of trash. Good article, thanks for the heads up…Dave you know I knew Church wasnt going to be around long since last season, he will never be more than a 4th outfielder on teams that dont the commercial says “Its in the DNA” lol


      1. I thought Church would be the first to be traded this year too. And I still wonder what happened between him and Jerry Manuel. Neither has admitted to there being a problem. But there sure looked like there was one between them.


      2. Dave,
        I honestly believe that Manuel saw what I saw in him, a player that lacks fire, plays with inconsistency, makes horrible decisions on the field, has mental lapses on the field, and is preconditioned to playing on losing teams. Most importantly, I think “Gangsta” Jerry subscribes to the theory that his concussions have damaged him in ways that you and I cannot articulate completely.although I have surely tried. lol.


  4. Braves seem to have made out on this for this season, assuming that Church remains healthy and finds his pre-concussion 2008 form. I liked what I saw from Francoeur in 2007. Given that he’s 25, I’m optimistic that he can turn his career around.


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