Mets Turn Down Roy Halladay Trade

Flickr photo courtesy of Keith Allison
Flickr photo courtesy of Keith Allison

Jon Heyman of wrote on his Twitter account today that the Mets were offered a deal by the Toronto Blue Jays for Roy Halladay. The deal would have sent Fernando Martinez, Jon Niese, Bobby Parnell, and Ruben Tejada to the Jays.

As much as I’d like to see Halladay in a Met uniform, it doesn’t make sense to unload four big prospects for him right now for the Mets. The 2009 season is all but over for the Mets so they shouldn’t be in a position to be buyers right now.

They can get their hands on Halladay after the 2010 season as a free agent anyway. So to give up young players wouldn’t be a prudent move for the Mets as a team. It’s too bad though. I’d love to see Johan Santana and Halladay together for a couple of years.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

12 thoughts on “Mets Turn Down Roy Halladay Trade”

  1. Something tells me the Mets are not done talking to the Bluejays yet. Remember when they traded for Santana & how that came at the very last minute after the Twins couldn’t find a deal they were happy with….


    1. Good point. But the Mets aren’t going anywhere this year. If they were going to give up some young players, it should be for a bat not another pitcher. As great as Halladay is, he’s just not the right fit for the Mets at the moment. Imagine both Halladay and Santana getting no run support…


      1. I understand that they Mets may not go anywhere this year, but if they can trade for Halladay and have him next yr along with Santana, if everyone comes back healthy the Mets would be a dangerous team. Having the best two pitchers in baseball at the top of rotation is something I just wouldn’t be able to turn down. BTW – I would only make this trade if the Mets can sign Halladay to a contract extension before the deal is done.


      2. The reports are that the Blue Jays won’t allow any team to negotiate an extension with Halladay as part of the trade. If that’s true, he’s a year and a half rental.


  2. Hey guys remember its the aniversary of 69, that pitching staff had no run support, its all about pitching, seaver koozman, gentry, all great pitchers, now lets look at the line up, agie harelson, jones, clendennon, (Power bat) swoboda, I don’t remember who else (26 years old baseball junkie) but that is why we should get haliday, you get on a win streak with great pitching, I’d do the trade, this isn’t Victor Zambrano, this is a legit former cy young award winner, won about 20 games quite a few times,


    1. Ant, all good points. I wouldn’t be upset if they did the deal. I just think that the timing is poor right now. Don’t forget that they could deal for him in the off-season or next year at the deadline. And they could get him for nothing after 2010. It just seems like the Mets shouldn’t be in a rush to get him now when the 2009 season is already over.


    1. Jack, There is something to be said for keeping him away from the Phillies. But I still think it’s a waste of resources to do the deal now when the Mets season is in the tank. If that happened, he would only be with the Phillies for a year and a half maximum. Then the Mets could sign him as a free agent without giving up any players just draft picks.


  3. The 2009 season is over for the Mets, not to unload prospects for a greater pitcher that is moving farther away from his prime.
    The off season will be very interesting. Delgaod should be gone.
    There are huge question marks from 3 pitchers that they expect a lot more from; Perez, Pelfrey and Maine.
    The injury to Reyes should be a serious red flag at this point.
    Wright is an overrated fielder. He has a nice BA. It’s pretty sad when Big Papi is batting 100 points lower and has more RBI’s.


  4. The last thing this team needs is another expensive pitcher…

    The Mets need to chalk up this season as ANOTHER disappointment and start looking at 2010…

    This team can unload some major talent and get some young prospects back in return… I think everyone on this team should be available except Wright and Santana…

    FIRE SALE!!! Lets get a couple dozen prospects! Lets no longer have the worst farm system in baseball, lets rebuild for a long standing future, not this lets pull out all the stops for one year, then struggle for the next 10…


    1. I agree on the fire sale. Time to revert back to the late 70’s (1977 would be a great place to start since Seaver was traded then) and start the re-build process.
      They need to build a team (at the major and minor league levels) that is suited for Shiti Field.


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