Mets VP Bernazard Challenges Prospects To Fight

Flickr photo courtesy of Mykl Roventine
Flickr photo courtesy of Mykl Roventine

Mets VP of Player Development Tony Bernazard has long been rumored to be the guy that went behind Willie Randolph’s back last season when he was fired. But now Adam Rubin of the Daily News reports that Bernazard screamed at the Double-A Binghamton team, then ripped his shirt off and challenged them to fight. You read that right… To a fight!

Bernazard is a 52 year-old man challenging a team mostly made up of kids in their late teens and early 20’s to fight. Sure, the B-Mets are a terrible team with a 37-58 record in last place in the Eastern League. The incident is said to have occurred just before the All-Star break.

When Mets GM Omar Minaya was asked about it, he said that Bernazard spoke to the team in a stern voice and that he was upset about underage drinking on the team among other issues.

Rubin goes on to recount a story that Bernazard blasted the Mets manager of baseball operations at Citi Field recently. Apparently, he wanted a seat that was occupied by a D-Backs scout. The employee told him to wait until the half-inning to make the seat change and that set Bernazard off.

We never hear much from Bernazard himself. Although he did interview, unsuccessfully, for the Seattle Mariners GM job during the off-season. But the more we hear about him, the more there is not to like.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

8 thoughts on “Mets VP Bernazard Challenges Prospects To Fight”

  1. Get ready for him to be the interim GM next season.
    He was a hack major leaguer and he might still hold one of the most dubious hitting streak records in recent history.


    1. Apparently, Bernazard should’ve been a boxer. And there’s no way he’ll be the Mets GM. Not even interim. He couldn’t even get the Mariners job after last season. If he can’t get that job, there’s no way he could get the Mets job.


  2. What a joke, how can this guy not get fired..expecially since hes in charge of the monors of 2 last place teams in addition to this incident!


    1. It would be really surprising to me if Bernazard doesn’t get fired. If anyone behaved like that in their place of work, they would be fired immediately. Why should the Mets hold their employees to a different standard?


  3. In terms of the Coupons and the the laughingstock Freddy And The Dreamers have turned the Mets into I can only reflect on the famous quote by the famous NYC Author, playwrite, and Journalist born in the early 20th century…”No good deed goes unpunished”


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