Cardinals 12 – Mets 7 August 4, 2009

PITTSBURGH - APRIL 09:  Manager Tony La Russa ...
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The Mets continue to sink to new lows not seen since the Art Howe/Steve Phillips administration. It’s the same old story when Johan Santana pitches. He goes 8 strong innings, getting a big 2 RBI double along the way, making two great plays in the field. He’s trying to drag the Mets kicking and screaming to a win but they’ll have none of that.

The Mets even got some big offense tonight off Joel Pineiro. They got 15 hits and 4 walks in the game, usually enough to win a game that Santana is pitching. But not tonight.

Albert Pujols dropped two bombs on the Mets including a grand slam in the tenth inning to torch the Mets for good. The bullpen was atrocious with Francisco Rodriguez blowing a rare save opportunity. Pedro Feliciano and Sean Green were out there throwing batting practice when Green wasn’t hitting Yadier Molina to bring the leading run home.

To add insult to another injury, Luis Castillo appears to have badly sprained his ankle falling down the dugout steps in the eighth inning. Of course, one of the only players performing admirably on the active roster goes down. Of course.

The ugly Mets continue to get uglier right before our eyes.

Box score

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Cardinals 12 – Mets 7 August 4, 2009”

  1. That will be the last game that I watch this season. I’m proud that I lasted this long!
    Castillo spraining his ankle while walking into the dugout is just epic fail. For July, he led the majors with OBP. By far one of the best players on the team.


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