Mets Have Plan To Replace Omar Minaya

NEW YORK - APRIL 08:  General manager Omar Min...
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Here’s an interesting story from Adam Rubin of the Daily News. Basically, he writes that the Mets have a plan to replace GM Omar Minaya with assistant GM John Ricco. Rubin goes on to write that the Mets haven’t decided to execute that plan… yet.

Beyond the story itself, you have to look at the reporter that wrote it. Rubin is the one that broke the story of Tony Bernazard’s bizarre behavior. Then Rubin was blistered by Minaya at his press conference announcing Bernazard’s firing. And then Minaya apologized for killing Rubin in public.

Now that we’re caught up on the whole drama, it gets even more interesting that Rubin writes about the Mets plan to replace Minaya with three years left on his contract. Jayson Stark was on ESPN Radio this morning and said that he believes that the Mets need to think about whether they want Minaya as the face of the franchise after his very public meltdown.

Personally, I have a hard time believing that the Mets would eat three years of a contract for anyone other than a player. You just don’t do that for front office people. I don’t have a problem with replacing Minaya. Having a GM that’s responsible for one of the worst trades in MLB history has always bothered me. Think about it. In 140 years of baseball, Minaya made one of the dumbest player moves ever. How can you trust him to control the future of the Mets?

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

4 thoughts on “Mets Have Plan To Replace Omar Minaya”

    1. It wasn’t announced what his pay is for his extension that begins next year. His current salary is $4 million. So you’d have to assume there would be a raise, maybe not that big, but still a raise to give him an extension.


  1. As Wilpon struggles to work to get back his hard earned money, I suggest he tends to something that has a more immediate consequence to his Mets family than recouping his legacy. Fire Omar Minaya, who is more concerned with "Latinofying" the Mets than winning games! Racism at its finest!


    1. Eric, the heavy Latin influence on the Mets is a theme that's been discussed since Minaya got here. But you have to admit that David Wright is the face of the franchise. And baseball in general has a strong Latin influence, not just the Mets. Personally, I wouldn't care if the whole team was of any particular ethnic group as long as they're a fun team to watch and have some level of success. I'm really not caught up in the racial makeup of the team.


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