Mets Get 1969 Celebration Right

Donn Clendenon, Mets hero - video
Image by bobster855 via Flickr

If you missed the pre-game of last night’s Mets-Phillies game, you missed a very well done celebration of the Mets first World Series championship- The Miracle Mets. A couple of things stood out for me about the celebration:

  1. The Mets organization does a great job with these events like they did with the final game at Shea and the 25th anniversary of the ’86 World Series champs
  2. It was fantastic to see Nolan Ryan back in New York with a Mets uniform on; the pitching they had on that team was off the charts

Related to point number 1, how can the Mets get these events right that celebrate their team’s history yet get their new stadium so wrong? It doesn’t make sense to me. Just when I think that the organization is completely out of touch with their fan base, they do something like this so well. I guess there’s still hope for them yet.

I want to add a couple of links on the ’69 celebration:

  • Remembering Shea has some good comments about watching the celebration last night
  • Ken Belson of the NY Times writes about how Mets fans got a brief reprieve last night from a season of injuries, incompetence, and all-around sloppy play when they saw the ’69 team take the field
  • ESPN has a good report including that Jerry Manuel played with Bud Harrelson and Jerry Grote briefly in a Senior League in Florida
  • Keith Olbermann, the Baseball Nerd, writes about his attendance at the event last night

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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