Piling On Omar Minaya; Mets Won’t Fire Him

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As the 2009 season slips away, it seems that more fingers are pointing in Omar Minaya‘s direction when we try to determine who’s to blame. Although Minaya didn’t cause the severity and depth or the Mets injuries this season, he didn’t have a good backup plan either. As I’ve said all along, I can’t see the Wilpons firing Minaya with three years left on his contract.

Sure, Minaya has his share of bad deals. Oliver Perez certainly comes to mind. But don’t forget that he’s also the one that brought Johan Santana and Francisco Rodriguez to the Mets with very fair contracts. And he didn’t give up much of anything to the Twins to get Santana.

Certainly, I don’t defend Minaya’s meltdown/attack of Adam Rubin. Those were the actions of a person that isn’t prepared to be in front of the public. I’m sure that incident put him on extremely thin ice. It had to. I don’t think it was a fire-able offense, but I’m sure it means that Minaya needs to watch his step over the next year or so.

It seems to me that Minaya has become the easy target for the Mets failings this season. I’m not sure that I agree that he’s the biggest culprit. Frankly, I don’t think any team could recover from the talent that the Mets lost to injuries this year.

I wanted to pass along a few links that seem like piling on to me. Or maybe kicking Minaya while he’s down. Let me know what you think.

  • Stan McNeal of Sporting News writes that the Mets need to find a different job for Minaya
  • Ben Shipgel of NY Times rehashes all of Minaya’s gaffes

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

4 thoughts on “Piling On Omar Minaya; Mets Won’t Fire Him”

  1. I don’t think any backup plan could have accommodated the number of injuries that this team has had to deal with. The injuries probably saved Omar and Jerry their jobs.

    The Mets were destined for failure when Ollie was signed to that awful contract.

    Outside of Santana, which starting pitcher has had 5 decent starts in a row?


    1. I can say confidently, even without looking at the game logs, that no pitcher had 5 good starts in a row this year. Pelfrey looks like he could be a disappointment. I won’t call him a bust though. That’s too strong. Hey, Pat Misch looked pretty good today. Let’s see how long that lasts.


  2. This season is simply the classic case of a disaster. I think Omar did some things right, It is easy to pounce on him after all that has gone wrong. I proclaim what I always lament about for blame…the Coupons…,the Red Sox had the curse of the Babe, the Cubs have the billy goat curse, the White Sox had the Black Sox curse.. As Mets fans we have the Wilpon curse. As soon as that family is gone things will get better. ummmm..I am only partly kidding 🙂


    1. Robin, It sounds like you may be in luck. An author that studied the Bernie Madoff case for a new book says Fred Wilpon will be forced to sell the team. Maybe even next year. Wilpon denies it though. You may get your wish.


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