Mets News Aug. 30, 2009 Wright, Minaya, Prospects

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I’ve already written so much about the Mets injuries this season that I’m really tired of it. Unfortunately, the injuries are the theme of the season and I do have some more links on the topic for you today. But we do have something to look forward to as well with news about the Mets prospects and the ones that’ll be joining the roster in a few days.

Anyway, here’s the news:

  • Bill Madden of the Daily News has a great summarizing column about the injuries. The Mets have lost 1,095 days to the disabled list.
  • Bob Raissman of the Daily News wrote a column about Omar Minaya and his communication problems. This topic has been beaten to death but Raissman brings up some good points like whether Minaya has these same communication issues with his staff or other GM’s.
  • Although this isn’t Mets-related, David Waldstein of NY Times writes about players tipping pitches. Specifically, he gets into the allegation that Miguel Tejada was tipping pitches to his friends on opposing teams in 2001 when he was with the A’s (and Art Howe). It’s definitely an interesting read.
  • Dave Singer of NY Sports Dog has a good piece about Mike Pelfrey and the Verducci Effect.
  • Mark Hale of the NY Post wrote about Adam Wogan who’s been filling in for Tony Bernazard since he was fired.
  • Marc Hulet of FanGraphs wrote about the Mets having hope for the future with some minor league talent coming. Specifically, he writes about Kirk Nieuwenhuis a 22-year old lefty in the Florida State League.
  • The NY Times reports on David Wright returning from the disabled list on Tuesday in Colorado. He’ll immediately start wearing the new, more protective, batting helmet that we saw Ryan Dempster wearing yesterday.
  • Adam Rubin of Surfing The Mets has the September call-up list including catcher Josh Thole who will be with the team in Colorado this week.

Author: Dave Doyle

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