Mets Introduce Jason Bay At Citi Field

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Today was the dog and pony show that the Mets held for Jason Bay at Citi Field. The 31 year-old will be entering his eighth big league season. His career 162 game average slash line is .280/ .376/ .519. The Mets will be the fourth team that he’s played for after San Diego, Pittsburgh, and Boston.

This post is filled with multi media from today’s festivities including audio and video. You’ll get more than your fill of Bay from this post to last you until spring training.

The Mets did the right thing by making offense a priority this offseason. I know that some of you think the rotation is the biggest weakness. But the Mets already have resources committed to the rotation, they just need to get them producing on the field and add a middle/back of the rotation piece.

There’s still going to be some fanfare for the Mets, but nothing on the level that Bay brings. I expect Bengie Molina to sign eventually when he realizes that nobody is going to offer him a three-year deal. And I also expect a starting pitcher to sign with the Mets before the end of this month.

We’ll get to those signings when they happen. Today is Bay’s day with the Mets. The audio and video is after the break.


Audio- Omar Minaya introducing Bay at press conference at Citi Field

Audio- Bay speaking to reporters

Audio– Bay answers questions from reporters

Audio– Bay joins Mike Francesa on WFAN

Audio- Minaya joins Mike Francesa on WFAN

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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