Mets Lose Bengie Molina, Fans Rejoice

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If you could draw up a player that doesn’t fit the Mets team and their new stadium, that player would be Bengie Molina. As part of my full disclosure, I’ll tell you that I can’t stand Yadier Molina. Sure, it goes back years now to 2006. But it’s hard for me to picture in my mind a Met player with “Molina” on the back of his jersey.

Bengie ended up signing a 1-year/$4.5 million deal to go back to the Giants and I couldn’t be happier. I wrote that I’d like to see the Mets go into the season with a Santos/Thole platoon behind the plate. The biggest reason was because the list of free agent catchers this year is so weak. That won’t happen because Henry Blanco will be on the roster. But I can live with that.

Molina has some nice offensive stats but a 35 year-old, overweight catcher is just what the Mets don’t need right now. That’s not the profile of the type of player that the Mets should be committing their financial resources to. The Mets would be much better served to put a little more money into a starting pitcher than they had planned, and work on upgrading at first base.


Doug Davis signed with the Brewers but that’s not a huge loss for the Mets. Joel Pineiro, Jerrod Washburn, and Jon Garland are still out there. At first base, the Mets could make a huge improvement over Daniel Murphy at minimal cost for only a one year commitment. Hank Blalock, and Russell Branyan would both be upgrades that have the power to get out of Citi Field. Of course, Blalock is an injury waiting to happen. But he’s worth a shot for one year. Even Chad Tracy would be a nice right-handed compliment to Murphy.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier that Molina won’t be in Queens this year except as a visiting player. The Mets need to focus their attention on areas that can make an impact this season, the rotation and first base.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

8 thoughts on “Mets Lose Bengie Molina, Fans Rejoice”

  1. I 100% agree with Molina; I can't stand him. His only strong suit is his power, which is likely to decline now that hes 35. But pretty much everything else he does is awful… extremely slow runner, no patience at the plate whatsoever (imagine Francoeur-Molina-pitcher as the 7-8-9? Say hello to 5-pitch innings). I would have been fine with him on a 1 year deal, but clearly he was only coming to NY if the Mets gave him at least 2 guaranteed years, which he is not worth it. The free agent market for catchers stinks; Torrealba isn't that much better, if it all, than Santos, and Barajas is a Molina clone with better D behind the dish. I'd be content with going with Thole/Blanco if the money is used elsewhere (pitching, 1B) but I prefer them to go down the trade route — Ryan Doumit, Chris Snyder (if his back is OK), etc.


    1. I don't think Torrealba will be coming to NY, at least until they settle their grievance. Doumit is okay but other than 2008 his stats look exactly like what you'd expect from Santos. Snyder makes way too much for a 29 year old with a bad back. I say hold at catcher and move onto pitching and first base.


  2. Dave you are right… Catcher should no longer be a focus… They need to get Murphy out of the starting lineup and fix the rotation… How can we go into the season with a singles and doubles hitter as our first basemen? If he fielded like John Olerud I would be ok with it, but he is a terrible fielder!!

    They need another arm and something, ANYTHING, better at first base…

    I am not a huge fan of the Bay deal, but it is what it is…


    1. I can't figure out why there isn't more chatter about the Mets looking at the free agent first basemen. It's such an obvious place to make an easy upgrade. I know they like Murphy's work ethic and I do too. But you have to put up some numbers to stay in the lineup. He hasn't proven that he can do anything well. As you said, he can't field and the Mets can't afford a contact hitter at first base. It's that simple.


      1. I would be so happy if they signed Russel Branyan, who has pretty much no market at all coming off of a really nice year. You can probably sign for $3M plus some incentives based on PA since his health is a bit of a concern (specifically his back).


      2. I would love the see the Mets bring in Branyan or Blalock. Both have injury histories but can really bring some thunder with the bat. Even Chad Tracy as a right-handed compliment to Murphy would be acceptable to me.


  3. I would love the see the Mets bring in Branyan or Blalock. Both have injury histories but can really bring some thunder with the bat. Even Chad Tracy as a right-handed compliment to Murphy would be acceptable to me.


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