Poll Results: Mets 2010 Worst Contract

Oliver Perez 18 votes 58%
Omar Minaya 7 votes 23%
Carlos Beltran 3 votes 10%
Entire Team 1 vote 3%
Jerry Manuel 1 vote 3%
Luis Castillo 1 vote 3%


It’s not a huge surprise that Perez ran away with this poll. The faux knee injury last year and his “rehab” stint in the minors was a terrible omen for the rest of his 3-year/$36 million contract.

I have to say that I thought that Castillo would garner more votes. And Beltran is looking like he may be a waste of $18.5 million this year if he doesn’t come back healthy enough to make an impact this year.

You can see the original poll post and let me know in the comments here if you didn’t get a chance to vote. Who do you think is the biggest waste of money for the Mets this year?

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