Mets 2010 Season Preview – Top 10 Questions

The Mets are going into 2010 with question marks at every position on the field. They’re taking a 70-win team in 2009 and only adding Jason Bay to the mix. Is that enough to make a run at the World Series?

When I was in Port St. Lucie watching the last week of Mets spring training, a lot of thoughts about the team were running through my head. There are so many questions marks on this roster. This was a 70-win team last season and Jason Bay is the only major change. It’s a big gamble the Mets are making to go into the season with so many players that couldn’t play up to their potential last year.

If you’re a Mets fan, you’ve probably already read too many season previews from every mainstream media outlet. So I won’t bore you with another one that reads the same way.

I’m usually a very optimistic fan about the Mets. How can’t you be? They put more financial resources into the team than any other ownership group in the league. But there are some major questions about this year’s version of the Mets that I’ll ask below. We won’t know the answers for at least a month, maybe more.

10. Will Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel still be employed by the Mets at the end of this season?

I think they’ll both make it through the season. There will be moments that we’ll question this but there won’t be an organizational shakeup.

9. Will Luis Castillo repeat as the team’s most valuable player?

If Castillo is the team MVP again, the Mets are in big trouble.

8. Can Bay repeat his 36 HR 119 RBI season that he had last year in Boston?

I doubt it, but he will add enough pop and protection for David Wright to make a big impact offensively.

7. Can the Mets bullpen be successful without a designated setup man?

Absolutely. I can’t think of a more overrated role. They’ll work it out based on performance and my money is on Ryota Igarashi to settle into that role.

6. Will the injury bug kill the team again this year?

I don’t think so. 2009 was a fluke. You never see that many key players injured at the same time. It won’t happen again.

5. Will David Wright have a rebound season offensively?

He will. I’m also going with the fluke argument here. Wright did just fine at Shea Stadium which was a pitcher’s park, so he will bounce back at Citi Field this year.

4. Will any rookies make an impact this year?

Both Jenry Mejia and Ike Davis will make their mark this season. Mejia will start on opening day and Davis will be with the team by the All-Star break.

3. Will the starting rotation hold up?

They will. Johan Santana will challenge for the Cy Young Award and the rest of the the rotation will be solid enough.

2. Will the Mets do enough to re-energize their fan base?

Yes. The Mets will be in contention for a playoff spot right down to the end of the season. That will keep us on the edge of our seats all season.

1. Will the Mets make the playoffs?

Yes. The Mets will be the National League wild card team. Unfortunately, the Phillies will take the division again.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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