Cardinals versus Mets – “Clash of the Titans”

The Mets and Cardinals played and epic battle on Apirl 17, 2010 over 20 innings. David Daniels writes about his own epic struggle to follow the game during the movie “Clash of the Titans”.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Cardinals vs Mets! Albert Pujols vs Johan Santana. A Titan vs a… well, Santana.

That’s about as close as you’ll get on the Mets. The classic confrontation of the unstoppable force verus the very movable but suddenly immovable Mets!

20 innings of crazy baseball which, after the 12th inning I mostly missed. Who can watch 7 hours of baseball? The game should have ended around 7pm. I had plans for 9pm to see “Clash of the Titans” so I kept my plans, as a promise is a promise.

Thanks to everyone on twitter who kept giving me updates after I couldn’t watch. Besides following @matthewcerrone and @dave_doyle I know I have @mr_met_fan updates coming straight through to my phone as well as updates from @miketino10 and @aiahrachel. Some Mets fans who crack me up, keep me updated as to the Mets score, and keep me entertained when I can’t get to a TV. I was probably the only person laughing in the middle of such a suspense filled movie.

I had to shut the game down when Rod Barajas was called for catcher’s interference on  a fastball in the 12th! Who gets called for catchers interference on a fastball?!? It’s usually on something much slower. Were the pitchers getting so tired that Barajas had to reach out and catch a fastball before they dropped in the dirt? With the Mets luck I’m thinking that mistake would cost them and would lead to the end of the game. Was I wrong!

The Mets played on, day turns into night… I’m pulling out my iPhone in the middle of a movie theater and opening my FanGraphs app. There it is, now 14+ innings of stats and still going. What is going on!?

When I get out of the movie I find the game has just ended and the only reason the Mets scored was because Tony LaRussa is using middle infielders as pitchers and Jerry Manuel is saving K-Rod for the 9th, 2.0. At least Manuel was playing for the win. But these are the Mets. In comes K-Rod, he blows the save. In come middle infielders to pitch. The Mets can’t hit any sort of real pitching right now so how about middle infielders?

It works! Eureka! We now know Manuel’s new strategy for winning.

Keep playing until the other team uses all their starters and relievers and then beat up on their middle infielders.  🙂

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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