Mets Payroll and Roster

CAF Give As You Earn material, May 2009
Image by HowardLake via Flickr

Sometimes I think that I should stop worrying about other people’s money. Then I realize that it’s only the Wilpon’s money that I’m concerned with. Those of you that read this blog regularly know that I frequently reference the Mets payroll. In doing so, I often find that I’m referencing abstract numbers that we all “sort of” know. For example, we all know that Johan Santana is making about $20 million per year.

A long time ago I had an idea that I wanted to add a page to this site that would give everyone the payroll numbers for the Mets. I started to do it but never finished. So I dedicated some time this week to putting it together and embedding it on the site. You can see the Roster page has been added now.

Google Docs is fantastic for tasks like this. I was able to embed the spreadsheet in the page and keep it updated remotely in Google Docs. I think it’s a perfect setup for the site.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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