Minaya Traveling with Mets To Atlanta

NEW YORK - JUNE 23:  General Manager Omar Mina...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Mets GM Omar Minaya was with the team while they got swept in Miami. He was scheduled to come back to New York but changed his plans after the Marlins completed the sweep. Minaya will travel with the team to Atlanta to “offer support”.

The last time Minaya traveled with the team to “offer support” was in 2008 before Willie Randolph got fired. He went to Denver and then Anaheim for his midnight firing. Having Minaya around “offering support” is like getting a pat on the back from the grim reaper.

I don’t expect Jerry Manuel or anyone else to get fired this week. But I do expect the Mets to shake things up if they’re still in last place at the end of May. It seems to be almost a consensus that Bob Melvin will get the job if Manuel is canned. If so, expect Dan Warthen and Howard Johnson to go too.

It should make for an interesting two weeks. With the Mets, it’s always interesting.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

6 thoughts on “Minaya Traveling with Mets To Atlanta”

  1. And who's going to travel with the Mets to sit in judgment of Minaya? He's got a lot of nerve. He's the genius who put this team together, who went out on the market and came back with Gary Matthews Jr. and Frank Catalanotto, while paying a heavy price for Oliver Perez. I don't know why Minaya gets such a pass in all this.


    1. Ron, I agree. The problem is that Minaya is on the payroll for 2.5 more years. He should be held accountable for this mess (and last year's mess). But he's in the same situation as Oliver Perez. His contract is too big to let him go.


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