Carlos Beltran and Oliver Perez – Same Injury, Same Agent

Jun. 08, 2010 - Washington, DC, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - epa02192870 Sports agent Scott Boras chats on the phone prior to his client Washington Nationals' pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg making his Major League Baseball debut against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Nationals Park, in Washington, DC, USA, 08 June 2010. Boras helped Strasburg sign a record 15 million US dollar contract as the Nationals' top draft choice a year ago, and Boras is also the agent for the Nationals' top choice this year, 17-year-old Bryce Harper. of the comments on my last post inspired me to write this one so keep the comments coming:

Carlos Beltran and Oliver Perez share the same agent and have the same injuries. Here are some interesting facts:

Back in 2000, injuries limited Carlos to only 98 games while with the Kansas City Royals and he lost the starting centerfield job to Johnny Damon, another Scott Boras client. Yes, you guessed it! The injury was a “bruised knee”. In July of that year Carlos refused a rehab assignment in Florida on the advice of Scott Boras. Kansas City management then suspended Carlos for almost a month and when he came back he ended up rehabbing in the minors anyway.

I know this was 10 years ago and should be ancient history but is it?

Back then Carlos’ desire to play for the Royals was questioned by teammates and management alike. These same questions could now be asked again of Beltran and of Perez.

Fast forward to 2009 where Boras has advised Beltran to have surgery on the same knee without consulting the Mets and now another of his clients, Perez, is also out with a similar mysterious right knee injury.

Are these two players really the cancers on the team and, if so, is Boras the common denominator?

The problem may not be the players. It most certainly looks like the root of the problem is Scott Boras.

Thankfully we have a lot of homegrown talent that will help us avoid the likes of Scott Boras and his clients. As a matter of fact, I didn’t realize the whole infield was home grown until I read the article by Clayton Caldwell about the “Home Grown Mets”.

This after watching Jon Niese pitch a one hitter, also a home grown Met. Hopefully Omar Minaya and Mets management will continue to go in this direction and forget about all the reclamation projects that just never seemed to pan out.

Although there have been a few Scott Boras signings that I like. Most recently Mark Teixeira of the Yankees, he has also had his share of getting clubhouse cancers signed to huge and sometimes record deals.

Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez, Rick Ankiel, and Pudge Rodriguez to name a few. All clubhouse cancers at one time or another.

Many of Boras clients have been accused of taking performance enhancing drugs (PED’s). Another reason to refrain from signing a Boras client.

Of course, he did once represent Keith Hernandez, my favorite Met of all time.

So maybe it’s time for an official Mets policy. Like the governments “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” policy the Mets should initiate a “We don’t negotiate with Scott Boras” policy because I like this team the way it’s currently put together. It’s not a perfect team but they are having fun and they’re fun to watch.

What do you think? An official no Scott Boras policy? Leave your comment & thoughts…

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

3 thoughts on “Carlos Beltran and Oliver Perez – Same Injury, Same Agent”

  1. I was hoping he'd be retiring soon but I see he's only 58. Maybe others will be like Arod and drop him altogether if more ballclubs had policies where they didn't negotiate with him.


    1. I wouldnt mind seeing that. Besides his negotiation tactics, many of his clients have been linked to HGH and steroid use. More than a few of them have been high priced busts as free agents (Kevin Brown, Barry Zito). I think clubs like the Dodgers, who got burned by him on J.D.Drew, and who lost Beltre after a career walk year (possibly juice fueled) have soured on his clients as free agents. But I believe 4 of the top 7 first round picks in this week's draft are represented by him. I wasn't aware of the information in your article about Beltran with the Royals, but I have always thought the Manny Ramirez campaign to get traded out of Boston and the medical pretexts for not playing should have been investigated.


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