Mets 2010 All-Star Lost Bonuses

One of the most interesting things about MLB contracts are the bonus clauses. They’re not allowed to give bonuses for most statistical performance entities. Many bonuses are structured around playing time or award selections. This is particularly true of free agent contracts and some arbitration eligible player contracts. I looked through Cot’s Baseball Contracts to see which Mets lost out on bonuses this year by not being selected to the 2010 All-Star game.

Here’s the list of lost bonuses:

  • Johan Santana – $100,000
  • Carlos Beltran – $100,000
  • Francisco Rodriguez – $100,000
  • Henry Blanco – $50,000

The Mets ended up saving $350,000 in bonus money this year and didn’t have to send the players above on a cross-country trip with the potential of getting hurt. It worked out really well for the Mets that none of their pitchers made the All-Star team. It’s always nice to have your players in the game for the exposure but the risk of a pitcher getting hurt is tough to swallow.

By the way, who would’ve ever thought that Blanco would have an All-Star clause in his contract?  He’s never been an All-Star in his career, so I don’t know where that came from.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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