Mets GM Search is Over Before It Even Starts

The Mets GM search is over. Sandy Alderson, currently fighting corruption on behalf of MLB’s commissioners office in the Dominican Republic, has thrown his hat into the ring with the full backing of commissioner Bud Selig. Basically the commissioner’s office is telling the Mets “Get your act together and if you can’t we’ll do it for you”.

Here are the GM names that have been thrown around this past week as candidates for the Mets GM position… Sandy Alderson, Pat Gillick, Gerry Hunsicker and Terry Ryan. Three of them don’t want the job. I’ll give you a hint who the three are… none of their names are Sandy Alderson.

Sandy Alderson’s current position is working as commissioner Selig’s new point man to address the issues of the corruption of baseball in the Dominican Republic, the largest supplier of Major League Baseball talent outside the United States. ~wikipedia

The Dominican Republic also happen’s to be the largest supplier of talent to Los Mets.

Sandy Alderson also was the GM of the Oakland A’s, a small market, low budget team that always seemed to make it to the playoffs on good pitching. More recently, from 2005 – 2009,  Alderson was CEO of the Padres, a small market team that just missed the payoffs this year. I also love the fact he is a, tough as nails, former Marine and has no love for the Yankees and their big payroll antics. I would love to see what he can do with the Mets payroll. I think they are playoff contenders within their first year.

Sandy Alderson may be the perfect choice to clean up this team and I would love to see him on board. I would think that with his connections to MLB’s commissioner’s office and his experience dealing with Latin players, Alderson may be just the powerful GM the Mets need to prevent the Wilpons from interfering with day to day operations and bring true change to the culture of this team from top to bottom.

I also think that the commissioners office knows how important it is to have another successful team in NY. So let’s hope Sandy Alderson gets the job, cleans house, and takes back the city for us Met fans. At least let me be able to proudly wear my Mets gear through the month of August.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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