Mets Should Make An Offer For Derek Jeter

NEW YORK - APRIL 03:  David Wright of the New York Mets and Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees attend Delta's Jeter/Wright batting challenge at the Stone Rose Lounge on April 3, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

There! I said it. Something no one else would dare say. “Go get Derek Jeter”.

The Mets have a leadership problem and a hole at second base. Both holes can be filled immediately and at the same time some bragging rights can be taken for the City of NY.

WE JUST STOLE YOUR CAPTAIN! Take that Yankee fans! Welcome to NY Sandy Alderson. You’re the Man!

Yes, my crazy, zany, wacky, ridiculous idea for the Mets to sign Jeter is not exactly “Saberliscous” but who cares. Think about what would happen if the Mets stole the future Hall of Famer from the Yankees. Think of the ticket sales! Think of all the crying Yankee fans. Think of all the Met #2 Jerseys that would be floating around the Tri-state area with Jeter’s name on it. Oh the pain!

Jeter can obviously handle the NY media, give hands on training to David Wright on how to be a captain and bring some professionalism to that clubhouse.

Of course, the Yankees would never allow themselves to lose a bidding war for Jeter to the Mets. At the very least drive up Jeter’s offer. Force the Yankee’s to overpay him considerably, thereby ensuring the Yankees will have less payroll flexibility in the future. Knock out the Yankees this year from next years free agent market.

It’s a win – win! Just sayin…

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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