Mets Madoff Lawsuit Links

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There’s been so much news about the lawsuit against Sterling by the Madoff trustee this week. Everyone is speculating on the impact it will have on the Mets. Some writers believe this will result in the Wilpons and Katz being forced to sell the team entirely. Others believe that a $300+ million lawsuit is something that Sterling Equities can handle even if they lose.

I put together a good list of links to articles about the Madoff lawsuit to summarize this week’s coverage of the story.

Daily News (Lupica) – The Mets don’t really want to sell any part of the team

NY Times – The Madoff investment wasn’t the Mets owner’s first Ponzi scheme investment

NY Times – What’s in the Mets investment for a minority owner?

Forbes – SNY debt will hurt the sale of the Mets

Daily News (Lupica) – Madoff trustee is trying to smear the Wilpons’ good name

Beyond the Box Score – Comparing the Mets to the early 90’s Royals situation

Forbes – Mets current value is -$225 million

NY Times – Wilpons’ ownership of the Mets is threatened

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